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October 17, 2014

Unfortunately, after we moved from another state, we enrolled our son in the Bethel High School Freshman Football team program. We moved over the summer and our son has been unofficially practicing with the team since July 2014. The games are in mid season now and the coaches refused to play my son (along with quite of few others on the team) except for about five total plays. My son has been playing football since pee-wee and is a decent player if given the chance, as others on the team! The Bethel Freshman coaches unfortunately has their favorites despite their capabilities! Never the less, they get to stay on the field and at many times play ironman football. Also, we were asked by Bethel to donate for Bethel Football and went out of our way to solicit these donations (this boiled the water). Bottom line, if your child wants to start freshman football here coming from somewhere else, be careful as well as the parents! Also, the current coaches should pay attention to their entire arsenal on their team before they make judgements!

Submitted by a parent

October 13, 2014

My sons and there daughters attended a daddy daughter dance at Bethel High school put on by Bethel High School. They told me it was the best night out with there girls and can't wait for next year. The staff and students did a great job at making this a night to remember for all of them. My thank you as a mother/grandmother to giving them a memory they will never forget. Job well Done Bethel

Submitted by a teacher

April 11, 2014

I just moved here and I looked at 2 schools, bethel and graham. While Graham's registrars and counselor a were uppity and rude, bethel had amazing counselor and helped me a lot. The teachers here are all really nice, I haven't come across any mean ones but at the same time there is some stuff I didn't like. For instance the class time. I'm used to a max 15 student per class while here it's 30+ students. Also the actual kids that go hear are rude and mean and haven't made me feel the least bit welcomed. I have been here for days now and the other students are rude. This is a good place to go if your independent and like being left out.

October 30, 2013

This school sets a low academic standard and lowers the bar for those who can't achieve it. It offers little career or college preparation and very few teachers encourage students to reach beyond mediocrity. The atmosphere is authoritarian and during my time there the administration focused on enforcing their narrow definition of respect much more than encouraging academic interest and achievement. A few teachers and staff members were helpful, engaged and committed, and I wish I could say that the information and support they gave me was the school's standard. This school limits student choice; your clothing, food, manner of speech, courses and even location within the building are all strictly limited, while your economic, academic and career future are inadvertently limited by Bethel High School's inability to understand and work toward student success.

Submitted by a student

June 8, 2013

Bethel Highschool This school has some positive and a lot of negatives for noncaucasian students. The atmosphere was unwelcoming, I could feel the negativity just walking through the front doors. Bethel Highschool needs to work on diversity training for staff and teach it to their predominantly caucasian studentbody. I will not ever dare let another one of my children attende this school.

Submitted by a parent

May 16, 2013

This school focuses on achieving the lowest possible standards for seniors so they can graduate and yet the graduation rate this June will be so low that much smaller schools have larger graduating classes. I was told this week by an advisory teacher this week that they keep the standards low on purpose. One of my other kids attends another school and her school requires all seniors to make their presentation before the entire student body and faculty. BHS endeavours to rescue their shoddy, substandard, failing efforts to teach kids and get them out the door by dropping standards through the floor. I'm embarrassed that I've had two children go through this school. I'm proud my third one attends a school in another district. Bail on Bethel schools. They do not produce students ready to be productive American citizens.... It makes me so sad.

Submitted by a parent

March 24, 2013

As a former student, I am greatly disappointed in the reviews I am reading for Bethel High School. Each review is either five stars, or 1 star. So if you want a genuine review for Bethel High School, here it is. It is a crowded school in need of more funding (as are all schools in these days) with varying degrees of skilled teachers. The A.P. classes I attended were great and are the reason I am attending college to this day. The language classes were disappointing and sub-par (Spanish). I felt 100% safe at the school and safety was the highest priority of the staff. All I want to say is that anybody wanting to review a school on this site needs to take a deep breath and, if they are giving five stars or one, needs to not make the review. It is wrong and dishonest. Bethel High School is a perfectly adequate school, and anyone willing to put in the effort will be able to achieve any goal they want to.

Submitted by a student

August 15, 2012

I ADORE THIS SCHOOL! Coming from the student aspect, I wouldn't choose to attend ANY other school in the district. There's no discrimination, there's no tension, leadership students try their hardest to make sure everyone feels welcome and finds friends. At Bethel High School, the staff genuinely cares about your success; granted if you're going to disrespect them and goof off, they're not going to take you seriously; you get what you give. And if you're an avid 'Grade Checker', you have full access to grades online, as well as a list of e-mails to get in contact with teachers; all whom are willing to be in constant contact with any concerned parents. There's no safer, more family oriented school in the district like Bethel High School. I strongly suggest this school!

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June 18, 2010

I absolutely loved being a student at Bethel. I graduated in 2008, and still continue to speak to my teachers.. I had great relationships with them. Unfortunately, I will have to agree that occasionally I got away with things other students couldn't.But I think I am one of the few who feel this way, yes teachers pick favorites, everyone does! I can only assume it was because I was involved in sports. My experience at Bethel High School was one to remember, because of all the amazing friends I had, the overall school spirit, and the teachers who taught me well!! Once a Brave, always a Brave!!

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February 22, 2010

As a military family I am so disappointed how our military students are treated & thought of in Bethel H.S, unless you are of the white race, you don't get the same chances. i have one that graduated & one that is still there unfortunately. my graduated one tells me stories of how so many students that are in sports don't even participated in class work & yet they get excellent grades when they are not even there. i have talked to many parents & they all said this has been known kids that are in sports get away with so much but the staff seem to look the other way. i have given up with bethel h.s. But they sure are happy to see you when their contracts are almost up and they wait till the kids are to go back to school & then picket, funny how that works

Submitted by a parent

January 7, 2010

As a student at Bethel High, I couldn't ask for a warmer, more welcoming environment to learn and grow. The staff at Bethel genuinely care about each and every study and always have their best interest at heart. Student are given many opportunities to lead and explore new things. I love Bethel and I am so grateful for the three wonderful years that I have spent here. Once a Brave, Always a Brave!

Submitted by a student

December 5, 2009

As a community member I have seen Behtel High decline greatly over the last five years. The staff is indifferent to the students safety and well being, test scores are low and racial problems and drugs issues are common. After seeing first hand the problems this school has I chose to home school my niece, she attended for less than a semester and was begging us to transfer to Spanaway Lake or Graham Kapowsin. She is hispanic and native american and said that she did not feel safe. The two other high school in the district are great, I have no idea why Bethel H.S. is allowed to decline like this, it is by far the worst school in teh district.

November 16, 2009

Have had 3 children go through Bethel High School and I give this school top ratings for not only offering well rounded academics arts and athletics but for the dedication the staff shows to the whole child. They are not only concerned about how my child represents them with test scores but how my child is developing emotionally and socially.

Submitted by a parent

November 12, 2009

Bethel High School is making great gains in academic rigor and student engagement. School spirit is at an all-time high and the communication with parents is great (family access, phone calls home, attendance calls, e-mailed newsletters, etc.) Every school must go through difficult times, Bethel High has come through a challenge and shines brighter than ever. Keep up the good work!

Submitted by a teacher

December 8, 2008

As a new asian-american and military brat student, Bethel High School scares me. There is so much racial tension here. It is strange, but I can see that this was once a very proud school ... as little as 3 years ago. It seems like something seriously went wrong 3 years ago and now the staff and students just doesn't care anymore. As a military brat, I've seen good and bad schools, but Bethel is now the worst school I've ever attended.

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