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Fife High School8

Tacoma, WA | Pierce County


September 6, 2012

If you're new here it's hard trying to make friends since everybody is in some sort of clique i've seen it happen quite often. some teachers are amazing meanwhile others are biased

June 27, 2012

PROS: -Somewhat welcoming to new students. If you're sitting alone chances are someone will come up to you and invite you over. -Special needs kids aren't bullied. The other kids treat them pretty nicely. -There's not a lot of drug/alcohol/tobacco use, beyond what's normal for kids that age. -Very few fights. Well, chances are there'll be none during the years that any given student attends. -The teachers and staff are nice. CONS: -It's quite true that there are a lot of cliques. But, everyone acts civil so it's okay. -They're really into school spirit. Could be your kind of thing, though. -Not a lot of healthy snack options from the vending machines and cafeteria. -Seating arrangements in the cafeteria are unsatisfactory. -There are few choices for AP classes and other electives. Overall, it's an okay school.

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February 8, 2012

Fife High is the best school I have been too. I am a senior this year and I wish I was a Junior again! There is so much that is offered and the staff is amazing! All my teachers show compasion in their job and all they want is the best from you! The teachers help you with whatever they can do and that is what counts. The school is small but it helps make us feel close. Fife is like one big family. I love all the sports and activities that they offer. The school is positive in everyway!

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April 7, 2010

Fife meets the needs of most average students. Those that have special needs are left behind and those that need more challenge don't get enough. Fife has good extracurricular activities.

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February 25, 2010

This is my 4th child to go through Fife High School. Iam proud to say it. The teachers are caring and very helpful. the office personel know the kids well. Our admin is taking great care of our finances so we are not having to cut programs. The classes are back to the 6period schedule which I like and the sports, boys AND girls are great. The football program is amazing and we are very competive in almost all sports. We are a small school which is great and desirable.

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May 23, 2009

Fife High School happens to be one of the many schools in Washington State that offer a wide variety of extra curricular activities to appeal to large and expanding cultural base. The teachers are very accommodating when it comes to disadvantages, and the staff works hard every day to ensure that the students are working in an enriched and accepting environment. The athletics department is excellent with a focus not on winning (although the do pretty well in that case) but more on being the best and fulfilling your own goals as a person and a team. The musical departments frequently challenge themselves with new and creative sounds, from the concert choir to the jazz choir and the many bands who proudly get out there to festivals and the like and win many awards. This school goes above and beyond all expectation.

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January 25, 2009

Fife is the best school around! The athletics are great, we had a person score a perfect score on the SAT. The school spirit around here is unbelievable, which is probably why we ended up winning the KING 5 most school spirit in Washington state!

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November 23, 2008

Fife is a great school. Many of you are saying that our sports aren't good? Maybe you should check some numbers on that. We're league champions in basically every sport and usually go to state. And also, about some kids not being included, that's not true at all. You don't have to be an athlete or a scholar. There's plenty of other activities, clubs, ASB events, etc. Trust me, I go there! And if you ever doubt our school spirit, just come to cabbage patch!

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October 27, 2008

Hmmm I sense a bit of bitterness surrounding these reviews. Just because an individual couldn't fit in, get good grades, or make a sports team does not validate a negative score. Teacher were very helpful, often volunteering to stay after to help kids. The sports/arts programs were also excellent.

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May 5, 2008

This is my first year at Fife High School and I must say that I am very pleased with the school. This is the first time I can actually say that I love going to school. Students and teachers welcomed me with open arms. Fife really cares about its students and its school. I love the school spirit and being able to represent such an awesome school. I've learned so much and I am finally getting good grades with the teachers help. I definatly reccomend Fife High School to everyone.

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February 27, 2008

fife high was once a good school but is now turned downhill for the worse.......i sent my kid there and he has had trouble meeting people. basically if you havent gone there since middle school yuo might as well not go there now. kids are very 'cliqy' and everyone seems to be in there own little world with no regard to what is realistic and not. athletics seem good but in reality the kids and teams are not as good as they precieve themselves to be. enroll your kid here with much caution

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October 6, 2007

One of the worst school districts in my opinion. The teachers don't help with anything and they just focus on the 'geeks'. The sports are pretty straight forward but they work a little to hard and don't have the numbers and talent to play in a tough league

Submitted by a former student

August 26, 2007

This school has an excellent academic program and the teachers at this school are all very passionate about their students. It is a great enviornment to learn in. Though Fife does tend to put a lot more focus on students in ASB, the more popular sports, and students in Jazz Bandd/Choir.

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May 9, 2005

The high school has very caring teachers. It seems that there is more emphasis and caring to the male sports than many other programs. The expense of some of the special programs excludes many children who are economically unable to participate. I believe that the school overall has a wonderful academic program. It has just 4 classes a day, and they are 1 1/2 hours long. It's a long time for a class, and I'm not sure how much learning can happen that last 45 minutes or so of the class......it would be tough.

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October 5, 2004

Great school with caring teachers and staff members. Much of what's expected in a private school is avaibale in the Fife SD

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